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The gozadera between friends was a trip to the past

Aterciopelados, Los amigos invisibles and Los Pericos revived the scene from two decades ago

Like a return to the 1990s and 2000s was the concert that brought together on Thursday night, March 16, the Colombian group Aterciopelados, the Venezuelans Amigos Invisibles and the Argentineans Los Pericos, on the terrace of the Ccct.

With a full house, and wrapped in an aura of good vibes and the desire to have a good time, the event began with the Colombian band led by the duo of Andrea Echeverri and Héctor Buitriago.

The group, known as the "green" rock band, for its ecological stance, wore very colorful indigenous ancestral costumes.

After 30 years, since they came to light, Echeverri wore gray hair with accessories that represented his eccentric style: glasses and a necklace of lights, colored stones on his face and a headdress with the symbols of Mars (man) and Venus. (women).

With that outfit, one of the most important bands in Colombia performed a repertoire that, from beginning to end, was accompanied by those present.

“El album”, “Baracunata”, “Florecita rockera”, “Colombia conexión”, “La estaca”, “Bolero falaz”, “Siervo sin tierra” and “Caribe atómico” were just some of the songs that were chanted in unison at the show.

The XNUMXs sensation was maintained thanks to the mixes by the DJs who enlivened the meeting with themes also from the golden age of the three leading groups of the night.

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friends at home

Thus, among songs from Los enanitos verdes, Soda Estéreo and Desorden Público, to name a few, the presentation of Los Amigos Invisibles began.

The selection of who would open for him must have been difficult, since the three cushions have everything to be the main attraction.

Los Amigos returned to their homeland after five years of absence and their audience received them with all the affection they deserve.

The band offered a spectacular show. they sang all their hits from “Arepa 3000”, through “The new sound of the Venezuelan gozadera”, “The Venezuela Zinga Son”, to “Cool Love”, their most recent album.

Since they began their show they surprised with the company of Betsayda Machado from Barlovente in several of their songs.

Gozadera and bailadera are the summary of this part of the Los Amigos concert, which also had the special participation of Orestes Gómez from Tachirán on percussion.

"Mal pensada", "Amor", "Antes de dormir", "Give me the mambo", "This is what there is", "El disco anal" and "Cuchi-cuchi" were part of the list of songs that were danced and they sang loudly, with the greatest joy. “They are the best band in the country,” said many in the audience.

The “Cool Love Los Amigos Invisibles” tour began in Barquisimeto. Next April 6 they will be on the island of Margarita, and on the 8th in Lechería.

Full reggae night

Like in the old days: although Bahiano ceased to be the main voice of Los Pericos since 2004, the public —who have known the songs of the group since its inception— left the first vocalist engraved in their minds. However, Juanchi Baleirón gave more than many expected.

And it is that Baleirón was always a guitarist in the band until the departure of its ex-vocalist. For this reason, he handles the group's issues perfectly and that became very clear on Thursday night.

Topics of the time such as “Sin cadenas”, “Párate y mira”, “Pupilas lejanas”, “Caliente”, “Waitin” and “Mucha experiencia” left nothing to be desired. They sounded perfect and put the attendees in full energy.

There was no shortage of songs from their most recent album titled "Viva Pericos", which is made up of a series of versions of emblematic rock songs in Spanish, among which they performed "Trátame suavemente", original by Soda Stéreo, and interpreted on the plate together with the Colombian artist Carlos Vives.

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