Will Clementine lead the new conflicts on "The Walking Dead"?

Photo: Twitter @TheWalkingDead and @telltalegames

Two years after her last adventure, Clementine transcended video game consoles and became an iconic character on "The Walking Dead," with the "Skybound X" series her first foray into the graphic format of the popular zombie franchise.

The first issue will debut in stores and digital platforms such as Amazon Kindle and Google Play starting tomorrow, July 7; so many fans are eager and euphoric to find out which of the multiple endings of the game ended up being canonical for the comic, especially regarding the fate of three secondary characters, since it is inevitable that one of them will die from the Minerva's psychosis, one of the antagonists of the last installment.

"Skybound X" revealed its covers a couple of months ago, which also includes the presence of Rick Grimes, the main protagonist of the comic, so there is a possibility of an epic crossover between the two survivors.

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