Chyno Miranda will stay away from social networks until further notice

Photo: Twitter @jesusmiranda

2021 has meant a time full of challenges for Chyno (Jesús) Miranda, in principle because of his complicated state of health and also because of the rumors that have circulated about his personal life. For this reason, the artist announced that he has decided to move away from social networks to focus on his physical and emotional recovery.

“To all of you who have been with me in this process, which has not been easy and from which I am gradually getting ahead and learning, I want to share with you the moment in which I am. I have had better days than others and controlling anxiety, vulnerability, fragility and what this entails, have become a complex challenge to face, that only those who suffer from it can understand me, because there are times when reality is transformed and mind makes us plays that help us to fall, "said the singer from his account on Instagram.

In this regard, he requested the understanding and support of his fans. “Therefore, from the bottom of my heart I want you, who have been since the beginning of my career, to continue supporting me despite the misrepresentations that have been made about my personal and health matters, as well as the moments in those who, without measuring my actions, sent the wrong message, ”Chyno clarified.

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