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Chyno and Nacho go on tour in September

Chyno and Nacho announced on their social networks that they will tour various cities in the United States with their music starting in September. This is the first official tour that the Venezuelan duo has done after their professional separation in 2017.

“Hey, family, from the Maiquetía International Airport we want to announce that Chyno and Nacho's Eternos tour is a reality,” Nacho said in a video shared on Instagram.

“We are back and this September 29 our tour begins. We just signed with a great company called Loud & Live, they are going to carry out the entire tour and starting September 29, in Florida, we will be at Hard Rock Live. “We will soon announce where the tickets will be purchased,” added the singer-songwriter from Anzoatio, who described this new joint musical adventure as “the most important tour of our career.”

“You can't miss it, Chyno and Nacho in concert. Incredible, we will be full of faith and with incredible scenery; Buy your tickets soon, they are running out. Blessings to all the people,” commented Chyno Miranda.

"Nothing is impossible"

Later, in responses to some of the comments on the publication, the native of La Guaira expressed. “Nothing is impossible for him who has faith. God always blesses.”

As highlighted at the end of the clip shared on the aforementioned social network, in addition to Miami, the winners of a Latin Grammy award will also sing in San Juan, Puerto Rico (October 25), Houston, Texas (November 17), New York ( November 22) and Orlando, Florida (November 24).

And Latin America?

The duo did not clarify whether the tour will also have concerts in Venezuela or other Latin American countries once the US leg is over. Still, the news was very well received by his followers.

“Success for you, talented friends and brothers,” the Colombian singer Jorge Celedón wrote on the same social network; while guitarist Homero Gallardo commented: “Legends.” The actor and comedian Juan Carlos Barry also congratulated Chyno on this new stage, while the performer and vocalist Gabriel Fernández (El Chamo Gabriel) left a message with emojis of hands in a prayer position and one of fire.

“Thank God, fulfilling your dreams of returning to music Chyno”; “The first thing that came to mind: Luka”; “God give you health, Chyno and Nacho, and this tour and many more can come true”; “It says USA, but I hope it is also in Venezuela”; and “Like old times… The Makediches. "What beauty!" some of her followers also commented.

It should be remembered that last March, the Venezuelan artists announced that they were working on a new album together. “Ladies and gentlemen, the recording process has begun. Nothing more,” Nacho commented at that time. Chyno added: 'Eternos', thus revealing the title of the work, in which they will present “new music”, as highlighted by Lechería.

It should be remembered that after their separation, the duo reunited in 2020, after the health problems that afflicted Miranda (she was infected with covid and suffered peripheral neuropathy as a consequence). In 2021 they released the collaborative album 'Chyno y Nacho is Back'. Since then, they have appeared together on rare occasions within the country.

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