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This was the baptism of Eros Simón, the second baby of Víctor Muñoz

The singer and his wife decided to celebrate the Catholic ceremony in Margarita

Dreamed of. The baptism of Eros Simón, the second son of the singer Víctor Muñoz and his wife Antonella González was more than special for the family they formed and thus appeared on social networks.

The interpreter of "My Princess" shared several photographs of his two small children and his wife in the church of the Virgen del Valle on the island of Margarita, where they went to celebrate the Catholic ritual this past weekend, but it was today April 24. January that the artist's followers witness that moment.

“#latepost The baptism of @babyerosmunoz It was such a special day for us that the last thing I thought of was uploading it to my networks. It was magical, everything was super improvised and it was the best decision”, can be read in the post.

The publication served to recognize those who contributed their grain of sand to make the baby's baptism a reality, including the godparents. "We are very grateful and happy with all those who were part of it and we will always carry them in our hearts," added Víctor Muñoz.

Happy family

For the occasion, Víctor and his wife decided that both they and their two children should wear light-colored clothes. Mom and dad wore baggy clothes and their two little ones also dressed appropriately: the eldest of them, Diego, wore a white dress shirt and beige shorts, while the baptized one wore panties.

Eros and Diego were born as a result of a relationship that reached marriage on February 25, 2018. The wedding was attended by relatives of the spouses, as well as several famous friends of the singer such as Oscarcito, Víctor Drija, Ronald Borjas, among others.

Months later, on September 20, his eldest heir was born; then, on March 18, 2022, the youngest of her babies was born.

"The voice Kids Peru"

Víctor Muñoz's most recent project abroad was “La voz Kids Perú” as a coach. It was in the fifth season that the Venezuelan participated actively along with the Peruvians Maricarmen Marín, Enzio Oliva and Eva Ayllón.

One of the children of the Venezuelan team, Gianmarco, won the competition, as the pop singer commented via social networks.

“This is how Gianmarco and I celebrate the victory! Even though we didn't know we were going to win, we had an amazing time. Gianmarco is such a noble and naive child, with such a big heart, that he simply loves to sing, ”Muñoz expressed in an Instagram post.

“When he sings, you can tell that he connects with his soul, it's impressive to see. Many probably don't see him that way in their day-to-day lives, but for me it was a great learning experience to see him develop his strengths and weaknesses. He is a very diligent child and is always willing to improve himself. The most beautiful thing is to see his people supporting him unconditionally and to see how proud he is of his people. Thank you Gianmarco for coming into my life! I will always support you and I told you that day and every day we saw each other: 'WE ARE GOING TO WIN!' Repeat it always, every day when you wake up. You will see that you will always be a winner! ”, He finished.

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