Celebs on Onlyfans say they don't do porn

Photo: AFP

Not a few subscribers were disillusioned by celebrity posts who opened Onlyfans accounts. The actress Bella Thorne and the singer Cardi B, both young Americans who do not reach 30 years of age, and of the content creators of this subscription service with the most followers, pointed out in different interviews and messages through their social networks that they do not They would show how God brought them into the world, and they seem to keep it that way.

And it is that on this website, where content creators can earn income from their "fans", it became popular for the sale of videos and nude photos. Especially in these times of the COVID-19 pandemic, as it became the new scene for porn actresses and sex workers who could not continue to generate income in these months. Hence, opening an account on this platform was practically synonymous with pornography, and from which celebrities interested in also obtaining money through this means have known how to maneuver.

They offer more of your personal life

Thorne, a former Disney Channel child star, reportedly earned more than $ 2 million for this website in August 2020. Although he does not currently charge his “fans” for subscribing, he had a turnover of $ 20 at his premiere on this platform. Americans per follower per month. However, it was commented at the time that many of these people requested the return of their money when they found that the actress would only share images as suggestive as those published on her Instagram account, and that they would not see "something else." Despite this, she is currently one of the most followed creators of Onlyfans.

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