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Carolina Sandoval continues to bet on natural beauty

The Venezuelan presenter says that there is nothing wrong with showing off cellulite

Carolina Sandoval returned with a nice reflection that makes it clear that there is nothing wrong with showing off and even claiming stretch marks, flaccidity and cellulite.

"Super Body Posivity...stop believing that a man is conquered by his legs, stop eating the story of everything that you see corrected there and there...", Sandoval began by saying to his almost 3 million followers in his Instagram account.

More and more are joining the fever for what is natural and the 'body positivity' movement is gaining more and more strength on the social network. 

The truth

"What a beauty that women like @lelepons put the truth beyond the lens of a camera ... bravo for those who do NOT have cellulite, but also BRAVO, super "bravo" for those who continue to live before and after cellulite, the much talked about #cellulite," she continued.

And there is nothing wrong with wanting to get a more toned body and look good, but society generates pressure around the physique. Sandoval wants women to love their bodies without seeking approval.

“How ridiculous to think that women without cellulite are going to love them more less, for God's sake, where is the world going? First, what you have to love is yourself and secondly, very poor in spirit and soul, whoever leaves or leaves you because of cellulite, shame on them," added the woman also known as "The Queen of the Girdle."

The Venezuelan presenter is not afraid to show off her figure in a bathing suit and other clothes. Her message is that women stop worrying about what they will say and start loving and feeling proud of her figure.

“And you know, I applaud all those who work their bodies, there is no competition here, each one as they are, period. I don't miss the 'cellulite-free Carolina' I once was, every one of my versions has been fabulous. Women stop throwing in networks #unidassomosmasfuertes. Postscript: And I have already said that I exercise is for my mind, not for my cellulite”, concluded Carolina Sandoval.

"Body Positive"

Another who also boasts her cellulite is Lele Pons. The Venezuelan singer recently returned to show her figure with the dreaded orange peel.

“BODY POSITIVITY…love you girls! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL ”, she wrote in a publication where she is seen in shorts accompanied by other women.

The interpreter of "It shows you" has used humor to carry out this campaign. She has shared publications in which she compares herself with reality and the expectation that many surely have about her.

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