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C4 Trio met with Hamilton from Holland

"Tembla" is their new joint production, made up of ten songs

What began as a meeting of friends at a Latin Grammy ceremony ended up being a project that was conceived, without them knowing what would happen, during an earthquake in Bogotá.

This is how “Tembla” was born, a joint album between Brazilian singer-songwriter Hamilton from Holland and C4 Trío, a group made up of Edward Ramírez, Héctor Molina, Jorge Glem and Rodner Padilla.

Ten well-known songs and one unpublished song written by Glem make up this production in which the unique style of the interpretation of the Cuatro (lowest) by the Venezuelans is fused with the virtuosity in the execution of the mandolin by the Brazilian.

There are covers of Latin classics, ranging from “Burbujas de amor”, by Juan Luis Guerra (the promotional one) to “Manzanares” (the unpublished one) in which they not only fuse the respective instruments in an oriental joropo, but also integrate sounds with the Indian performer Varijashree Venugopal.

In two days the repertoire was put together, according to Molina and Ramírez. The recording was made, the tremor was overcome and the next day the five of them were on the stage of a Bogotá theater performing, for the first time live, the repertoire. “It was something very quick, because we have always been very admirers of his work. This was a way to show our musical traditions, without losing the work we have done, especially the part of improvisation that characterizes us and that shapes our sounds,” they said.

Ramírez assured that although the work of both had the admiration of each other, “there are always risks. There are things that are not common for the instrument (four), like vallenato, but we still wanted to do it. We seek to have space for everything. And the result is an album that I think is quite balanced,” he stated.

He added that it was a blast recording with the Brazilian. “Hamilton carries the natural melodic line. Even after we had to vacate the studio for a long time, due to the earthquake, we had to regain concentration because it is a project that required it. And yet, for him it was something easy to get back to.”

Both agreed that, at the same time, it was a challenge “to play Brazilian music with Hamilton, but we always did it with enormous respect. We know that we have to make the best music possible, with the greatest respect possible.”

Regarding the participation of the singer Venugopal, C4 Trío already knew her because she has become Hamilton's co-worker. “In 'Manzanares' she does not interpret a lyric as such but rather she makes the melody along with the strings. She provided her voice with her particular style of singing with the Hindus. It is an oriental joropo with the magnificent color that she gives to the theme and it turned out to be a very original and interesting experiment,” said Molina.

Although they are very confident in their work and the effort they put into it, they are aware that some criticism may arise regarding it. “It has always happened to us. On the first album we recorded a mambo and they asked us not to play it because there is a belief that if we play four we only have to play Venezuelan music. Music is music, but we think that with the cuatro we can do other things,” said Molina.

Searching for our own sound, without stopping playing the instrument they chose “is what has allowed us to record ten albums and work with people we admire… And get to Hamilton.”

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