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Bivi Rosales conquers a dream in the middle of her birthday

The entertainer thanked God and the Virgin of the Valley for achieving a personal goal

Television presenter and tireless traveler Bianca “Bivi” Rosales celebrated her 33rd birthday in the majestic city of Rome, Italy. With a career that has taken her to visit the most beautiful corners of Venezuela and the world, Bivi decided that there was no better way to mark another year of life than by fulfilling a long-cherished dream.

“It's my 33rd birthday and I'm celebrating in Rome. I'm making a dream come true! ❤️”, she shared excitedly on her social networks, where her followers could witness her joy and enthusiasm. The date, May 16, 2024, not only marks her birth but also her desire to continue exploring, growing and reaching new goals.

Via social networks, Bivi Rosales expressed: “This year I really want to continue being very happy and continue traveling around my country and the world, continue materializing projects and goals. Thank you Diosito and Virgencita Del Valle, for giving me a beautiful year, full of growth, maturity, many traveling experiences and beautiful people that I carry in my heart ❤️.”

The broadcaster, for whom travel is a passion and also a job, found herself celebrating in one of the most emblematic places in the world, the Roman Colosseum. "Today is my birthday. I am turning 33 years old and I feel happier and blessed than ever celebrating it here in the Roman Colosseum in one of the seven wonders of the modern world,” said Bivi.

“Toast me”

The businesswoman also took the opportunity to thank God for this personal achievement. The occasion was propitious to also thank her parents, her life and recognize that God is good to her “because I am a good daughter, because I am doing very good actions that are repaying me in a very nice way.” .

Bivi asked that special people be placed in his path, to continue working on what he loves, to grow in the media and to fulfill himself professionally. “Meanwhile, I take it upon myself to bite the bullet (this phrase remains engraved in my subconscious). Today toast with me to my 33🥂✨... to life, family, health and that love reigns in all our hearts 💖 happy birthday to me and all those who have a birthday today! ✨,” she finished.

It is important to note that the birthday girl has a television program on Venevisión. It is “Traveling with Bivi”, which is broadcast on Sundays at 10:00 in the morning and which reviews the tourist wonders of her country.

“It is aimed at all audiences, from the little ones in the house who want to know part of the experiences of a trip so that they know, because we are going to highlight part of the culture, history, gastronomy, idiosyncrasy of each of the places we visit. ; and also for an adult audience that wants to know and remember (because perhaps adults know many of the places we will visit), which is a quite nice effect that can be caused. Due to the pandemic and the crisis, many Venezuelans stopped traveling (and I included myself),” the entertainer detailed in an interview with Últimas Noticias.

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