Bárbara Palacios brought home the Miss Universe crown 35 years ago

Photo: Instagram @barbarapalacios_inspiracion

On this day, July 21, it was reaffirmed that Venezuela has the most beautiful women in the world with the coronation of Bárbara Palacios in the 1986 Miss Universe, thus being the third countrywoman to wear the much desired crown.

“I decided to take my Miss Universe crown out of the window and see how it looks on me (…) I THANK GOD for the wonderful opportunity to have proudly represented my beloved country Venezuela in my unforgettable Panama, thus giving her three crowns in 1986; and I also thank God for the honor and privilege of representing my Hispanic brothers in the world (…) Thank you for your love and admiration ”, said Palacios last year after reaching 34 years of his great triumph on the catwalk.

A peculiarity of Palacios is that unlike other girls she never dreamed of being Miss Venezuela, in fact, at an early age she had an encounter with Osmel Sousa himself, whose certainty indicated that Barbarita would be the much acclaimed queen of the country when she reached her age. adult.

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