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Pablo Lyle's lawyers will appeal the sentence

On Friday, February 3, the actor was ordered to spend the next five years in prison.

Actor Pablo Lyle's lawyers consider that he should not have spent a single day behind bars, let alone spend the next five years of his life in jail, so they will appeal the sentence of last Friday, February 3.

According to an interview offered by the lawyer Philip Reizenstein to "Ventaneando", Pablo only tried to defend his family who was traveling in a car that fateful day when he punched a Cuban, who ended up in a hospital, where days later died.

"In my opinion his conviction was wrong and it still is, of course we are going to appeal, he is innocent, he did not break the law of the state of Florida, he only defended his family," Reizenstein said. 

He added that “it is crazy that some prosecutors asked for a 15-year sentence for someone who has no criminal record, this has nothing to do with the Hernández family. We understand what they are asking for, they lost a loved one and it is logical, but the prosecutors of the Court should seek justice and not revenge”. 

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More case details

The legal representative of the Mexican heartthrob questioned the attitude of Mr. Juan Ricardo Hernández, the person with whom Pablo Lyle discussed who died after the untimely event.

“Ask yourselves this: would we be here if Mr. Hernández had not gotten out of his car? Florida does not tolerate angry people getting out at car incidents and banging on windows, and that terrified the children,” he emphasized.

According to recordings captured by security cameras near the place where the fight occurred, Hernández, 63, initially approached Lyle's brother-in-law's car. Both adults get out of the vehicle, but it is the Aztec artist who confronts the Cuban when he returned and hit him. Later, the man fell to the ground and the rest is history. 

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sincere apology

Last Friday, when the sentence was handed down against Pablo, he broke down in tears when he addressed the family of the deceased who were present in the sauce.

"It's the most sincere apology I've ever offered in my life, I'm so sorry with all my heart," the actor said. “I have learned a great lesson,” he added.

Likewise, his wife gave her opinion on what happened and provided details about what happened after learning of Hernández's death. Ana Araujo, Pablo's partner, assured that her husband was never violent; On the contrary, she described him as "someone conciliatory", who always looks out for the good of others and the well-being of his family, and for this reason the event "has been something very impressive."

In an EFE report, there is evidence of what Araujo said: "I have always told you, you are a heart with legs" (feet). He continued by assuring that "Pablo was vomiting, he couldn't stop crying, he couldn't get up, he couldn't believe that the man had died."

“A reaction of a few seconds does not define you as a person,” Araujo observed.

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