Antonio Banderas launches program with several Spanish artists

It will be on December 15 when the first of the seven installments that make up the program will be released on Amazon Prime Video, each of which will last 60 minutes. Photo: EFE

Antonio Banderas describes his program "Scene in Black and White" as "a different artifact", which will premiere on December 15 on Amazon Prime Video and which will offer to approach "the stars of the Spanish musical world in a short distance, outside the macro concerts, and have a closer and friendlier image ”, EFE reports.

The actor presented this production this Tuesday together with the journalist María Casado, the other architect, at a virtual press conference held at the Teatro del Soho, the stage space created by Banderas in Malaga, (southern Spain), where they have been recorded all programs, each one hour long.

Spanish artists Pablo Alborán, Rozalén, Pablo López, Pasión Vega, David Bisbal and Vanesa Martín will be the protagonists of the first six episodes, to which will be added what Banderas has described as a “bonus track”, dedicated to the actor himself.

All the episodes "have incredible moments", because "the very atmosphere that was created in the theater led them to open up, to feel well treated and respected" and to see that "here they did not go in search of anything more than the artistic part that they represent, there were no personal issues ”, according to Banderas.

To this is added, "in formal terms", having recorded in black and white, something that for the actor "established a difference with respect to what we have right now" and allows "to concentrate a lot on the subject and not be distracted by color ”.

He assures that he does not have “the sensation of having made television, but something that resembles the theater, an intimate concert, even with cinematographic aspects, which has not been shot in an orthodox way, because it does not matter whether you see the cables or the cameras ”.

"It is a fresher and more dynamic television. I throw a hook to bring people interested in a more dynamic television and to find something different on the screen, "says Banderas, who, regarding the fact of starring in one of the episodes, clarifies that he is not" a professional singer. " "When I have sung, it has been at the service of the characters that I have made, because of my profession," added the actor, who hopes to see the response to these seven episodes before deciding if the series continues with other international artists who have not been able to participate. now for mobility restrictions.

”I would love for Madonna, Alicia Keys and the greats of the world of song to be there, but I would like to continue exploring artists who sing in our language or have a Hispanic character, such as Jennifer López, Ricky Martin, Juanes, Rosalía or Alejandro Sanz. to gather a good group of Hispanic or Spanish artists and continue playing with them. There is an extraordinary talent that reverberates internationally ”.

And, when asked about other projects with Teatro Soho Televisión (TST), the production company that he promotes together with the journalist María Casado, Banderas advances that he would like to do "an interview program with great characters, former heads of state, artists or philosophers ”.

For her part, María Casado assures that all the episodes have been "very special" and the atmosphere that has been generated in the Soho Theater, which they hope to be able to "capture at home", has made "everything so magical" that I don't know " can stay "with any episode in particular.

"I keep crying and getting emotional with the same scene," said Casado, who highlighted "the courage" of Vanesa Martín; the reunion with David Bisbal after having met him twenty years ago; to Pasión Vega, "an earthquake of joy"; to Rozalén, “goodness personified”, or to Pablo López, who gave “an incredible lesson in musical mastery”.

Married did not want "a regular interview", and that is why he went "without papers" and told the artists "that it was going to be a talk", something that "generated a curious atmosphere" that has become "the television project more beautiful ”in which she has participated, according to the journalist.

"The talks have been bits of life, with space for laughter, for confidence or for crying," added María Casado, who on the next projects in TST assures that Antonio Banderas "has ideas to fill seventy television grills".