"An honest bandit" will try to change his life

“Un Bandido Honrado” is the name of the dramatic production that Venevisión will launch in a grand premiere, next Monday, October 19 at 8:00 pm., And which brings together a cast of leading figures led by Diego Vásquez, Carolina Acevedo and Norma Nivia.

The play humorously addresses the story of Ortega, a repentant bandit willing to change his life to get away from the crimes and sins of the past, which once made him make many mistakes. The plot will tell the situations that He must live, because He wants to learn to be good. But your path to redemption will be difficult, because you will have to make a great effort to get away from the temptations that the outlaw world brings.

"An Honored Bandit" will try to teach that life gives second chances to those who repent from the heart.

Also making up the cast is the popular music singer Paola Jara, Tiberio Cruz, Álvaro Bayona, Jimena Durán, Andrés Toro, Katherine Porto, Felipe Calero, Sebastián Sánchez, Isabela Barragán, among other renowned actors and actresses.

"Un Bandido Honrado", is directed by Mario Ribero and Andrés Marroquín, with the production of Juan Carlos Villamizar, is written by Juan Manuel Cáceres.

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