Venezuela will participate in the world music festival in the Netherlands

Venezuela will participate in the Le Guess Who? festival from the Netherlands, which will be held online from November XNUMX to XNUMX, with six video reports on different musical and artistic projects filmed in Caracas and the interior of the country, the music broadcasting platform Trópico XNUMX Diggin 'Lab reported in a press release.

Le Guess Who ?, a festival of concerts about world music that takes place annually in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands, announced the suspension of its XNUMX edition due to the COVID-XNUMX pandemic. Instead, it launched a hybrid festival, called ON / OFF, in which "Reports from other continents" will be presented at a TV channel launched on its website and some "coronavirus-proof" face-to-face events for local visitors.

Venezuela will participate with six video reports on cultural and artistic manifestations of the San Agustín Parish, the National System of Children and Youth Orchestras, Afro-Venezuelan music and salsa, joropo tuyero, Latin jazz and urban demonstrations, the musical dissemination platform Trópico 70 Diggin 'Lab and the musical projects of Motherflowers and Orestes Gómez.         

The reports include interviews and presentations with musicians, dancers, artists, researchers and cultural managers, including Alfredo Naranjo, a prominent vibraphonist with an international career; Eduardo Méndez, executive director of the Simón Bolívar Musical Foundation; Reinaldo Mijares, CEO of 100% San Agustín; Victor Morles; Public Disorder pianist; and Luis Felipe Hidalgo, percussionist and researcher of Afro-Venezuelan rhythms, who tell how their creative processes have developed during the pandemic.

Alfredo Naranjo. Photo Merwill Millán
Luis F. Hidalgo. Photo Cacica Honta
Photo Cacica Honta

Representing Venezuelan salsa, the reports include Ángel Peña, trumpeter in Oscar de León's band; José “Puma” Reina, percussionist and timpanist for the Puma Band; While for the alternative scene of the city DJ Afroraizz Hi-Fi, DJ Angels and producers Beat Jagger and Matik tell the European public about their musical identification with Caracas and their projects launched during the pandemic.

DJ Afroraizz Hi Fi. Photo José Jiménez
Beat Jagger. Photo Cacica Honta
DJ Angels. Photo Merwill Millán

For his part, Diego Larrique, professor and head of the Department of Social Theory of the School of Sociology of the Central University of Venezuela, comments on the forthcoming launch of his book Softening Babylon, as part of his research on Venezuelan reggae.

The reports, produced by Trópico 70 Diggin 'Lab, a music research and dissemination platform, were prepared exclusively for the Le Guess Who? Festival. and will be broadcast along with videos from Colombia, Spain, Ghana, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Kenya, Macedonia, Morocco, Mexico, Nepal, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Russia, South Africa, Suriname, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine. The complete schedule of the schedule is available here.   

Le Guess Who? Festival annually celebrates global sounds and world music in Utrecht with more than 200 live shows, film screenings, visual arts, photography exhibitions, among other massive events, to showcase music not represented in the western world. For each edition the festival has curators, who select bands and artists who explore non-Western genres and expand the boundaries of traditional rhythms. Among the curators are Fatoumata Diawara, Devendra Banhart, Shabaka Hutchings, Moor Mother, Iris van Herpen, Salvador Breed, Jenny Hval, Patrick Higgins, among others.

Here you can see the complete schedule of the "Reports from other continents". Likewise, you can see the trailer of the reports here:


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