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Vanesa Martín was a whirlwind in Caracas

Vanesa Martín passed like a musical flurry through a Ríos Reyna room at the Teresa Carreño that was waiting for her at a third of its capacity.

The Malaga singer was alone for more than an hour and a half accompanied by her excellent musicians and three screens to meet the expectations of those who went to the most important of the national theaters to see her.

During the performance of his 17 songs, Martín shared his joy, improvised dance steps and even accepted a tequeño that one of his admirers, sitting in the front row, offered him. “Now I eat it. The first time I tried tequeños was in SanLuis.”

It began and closed with 'He been', a repertoire that was sung from beginning to end. Their fans were not daunted by the empty seats and chanted, clapped and cheered. Some of them standing during the entire performance that Venezuelan Marilyn Chirinos began.

After letting go, 'The knot', 'Punto y coma', 'Butterfly dust', 'You've lost who I am', 'When you weren't there' and 'If I could', among others, were played on a night where Vanesa Martín played the guitar and the piano, wore a tricolor cap in the last part of the evening and treasured with his musicians a flag that they gave him.

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