Guillermina tonic gathers singing stars

On Saturday, October 31, Tónico Guillermina, a production of Tónico Sesiones, a platform that promotes the work of musicians through audiovisual sessions, will be premiered.

Under the title I bought it with my reals, this collaborative work that brings together many wills is packaged, all ready in the middle of the coronavirus quarantine to create this theme that honors the memory of Guillermina Ramírez.

It should be remembered that Guillermina from Sucre was a midwife, healer, popular poet, singer and choreographer of traditional dances and troupes. He founded the group Taparitas de Cariaco, with which he won the National Folk Dance Award. On April 15, 1994, it was declared a Living Cultural Heritage of the Sucre state. He passed away on August 9, 2001.

Among others, the voices of Betsayda Machado, Amanda Soriano, Constanza Liz, Andrea Ash, Zeneida Rodríguez, Ana Cecilia Loyo, Maga Urdaneta and the Atapaima musical polyphony group were brought together, among others, around the corn pillar task. with Guillermina they give us these couplets, accompanied by Boris Paredes on violin, Orestes Gómez on drums and Manuel Churión on bass.

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