Spike Lee's kids go to the Golden Globes

Spike Lee's children were selected as ambassadors for the Golden Globes to assist with the awards ceremony.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association announced Tuesday morning that Satchel and Jackson Lee will assume the roles of ambassadors for the 78th annual awards in February, reported El Nuevo Día.

The young men are the first black brothers to carry out this task. Jackson is the first black man to do so.
"We are proud to bring our dad's storytelling legacy to bring attention to communities close to our hearts," said Satchel Lee, who was creative director of Drome, a queer and cross-sector arts and culture magazine, to the New Day.

“As a visionary creative, my dad taught Satchel and me the importance of entertainment as a cultural catalyst for change,” Jackson said.

Golden Globes ambassadors are traditionally the children of celebrities who assist in the ceremony by handing out trophies and escorting them off stage.