Silvestre Dangond will arrive in Venezuela in two weeks

Dangond Wild collage

The temporary distance that separates the Colombian singer Silvestre Dangond from his tour of Venezuela is 16 days. The Vallenatero has four years without singing in the country and had two years without seeing himself face to face with his audience after the covid-19 pandemic. It will arrive from Barranquilla, where it will be presented on December 7.

The first for his "Tour Las locuras mías" in the country will be at the Forum in Valencia on December 9. For the show he will bring a 360 degree stage format. In addition to music, there will be dancing, anecdotes, screens with visual material and a play of lights.

In fact, according to what was known, the concert (which debuted on September 10 in Bogotá) begins with a video in which the peasant reflects on the multiple challenges he has faced in his artistic life. To close the presentation, he pays tribute to Jorge Oñate, Diomedes Díaz, Los Hermanos Zuleta and other exponents of vallenato.

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