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Shakira after her father's medical discharge: “The fight continues”

Shakira thanked this Sunday for the support received during her father's hospitalization. William Mebarak was admitted more than two weeks ago for pneumonia and discharged yesterday, EFE reported.

“18 days ago I arrived from the emergency room to Barranquilla to accompany my father and fight alongside him. Yesterday, thanks to the great human and medical team at the Clínica Iberoamericana, and her incredible strength, I was able to take him back home to my mother's side, who never lets go of her hand," the Barranquilla artist announced in the stories of Her Instagram.

To accompany

In a very low profile, the 'La Torture' singer has been in her hometown these days. Together with her family, she has accompanied her father during the medical crisis, who was hospitalized on June 6 at the aforementioned medical center. The clan remained secretive in these weeks about the health of Mebarak, 92 years old.

Archive photograph of the Colombian singer Shakira with her father. EFE

“The fight continues, and meanwhile, that smile of yours, which shines even in the most difficult moments, is my best example. Thank you all for sending me her strength and affection, and also for never letting go of my hand,” Shakira added.

Other medical crises

This is the latest health crisis Mebarak has faced in recent years. One of the most complicated episodes that he experienced with his health occurred in 2022, in Barcelona, ​​Spain, when he had to be urgently hospitalized due to a domestic accident in which he suffered a severe blow to the head.

“You taught us to get up after every fall and this time we know you will do it again. We love you,” Shakira shared on her social media at the time.

After overcoming that incident, William Mebarak was hospitalized again the following year, this time for hydrocephalus that forced a valve to be placed to combat the accumulation of fluids caused by the disease.

Guided his career

William Mebarak Chadid, who was Shakira's first representative when the singer was just a teenager, is an American born in New York and of Lebanese origin who emigrated with his family to Colombia at the age of five.

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