Servando and Florentino shone in their own room

The Primera brothers relived their successes. Live capture of ticketplay

Servando and Florentino returned to stir up their fans as in their best times. They did it on Sunday online, as the pandemic requires, with the acoustic concert In your room.

As it ran on social networks, neither the artists, nor their manager nor those in charge of the production imagined what they have done so far: sell around 90.000 accesses, between VIPs and regulars, on the Ticketplay page, where the streaming.

Little more than an hour and a half sang the ex salserines. Before interpreting his first song, the videos of Contigo and Mal de amor were screened, the latter performed as a duet with the Dominican Sharlene Taule.

After completing the screening of the second audiovisual, the First brothers opened with one of their most emblematic songs, A fan in love. Thus began the transmission of streaming, where, as they had announced, they were accompanied by five musicians in the setting of a room, with a dreamy fan included in it.

Maestro Yasmil Marrufo was in charge of the arrangements of the more than ten songs that sounded in a format that people did not know about them.

Among others, they sounded simple like Tell me, You are made for me, If I were you, Come give me your love, A song that makes you fall in love and Give me back my life. Most of the time the duo sat on some stools and it was striking that little did they get up to dance. Even at closing time, which was also with another of his classics, De sol a sol, on social networks his followers gave an account of their disappointment, for not having given the characteristic "vueltica" in one of the crucial moments the song.

One of the most celebrated moments by his fans was their version of the song Robando azul, by Yordano, whom Florentino defined as "a great teacher." That single is on the album The Train of Desires.

The duo became a trend in Venezuela, with Florentino occupying the first place and the concert, In your room, the second, even for a few hours after having finished.

After the show's conclusion, Servando and Florentino had a half-hour meeting with those who had bought VIP access. There, alone with Marrufo, they also sang some songs, in addition to receiving the visit of other colleagues, such as Oscarcito, who came to where they were doing the live on the zoom platform.