Sebastián Yatra takes guitar lessons

Take advantage of the time in pandemic

Sebastián Yatra has collaborated with luminaries such as the Jonas Brothers, One Republic and Michael Bublé, but he does not feel completely satisfied with his work. 

Although he had taken lessons in the past, in a recent interview, the Colombian musician said that he makes the most of time during the pandemic to perfect his art by taking daily guitar lessons. 

"That's like my goal that started in my quarantine and I hope I stay for the rest of my life, to really become a good guitarist," Yatra told The Associated Press by phone, precisely in the middle of a lesson that he interrupted.

"That opens my head a lot to write," he added. "I think it adds a lot of layers to the musicality and also to the songs, because you can always do things like with more background and it also takes you to new melodies."   

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