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Rawayana will close his tour in Venezuela

Rawayana announced on their social networks that they will close their tour “Who brings the bugles?” In Venezuela. The well-known Venezuelan group will tour several cities in the country with their music at the end of the year.

“This December will be ours and we are going to enjoy it like never before because we don't deserve it… We bring the bugles this time,” Rawayana announced on Instagram. “We love you and we are excited to go play at home!” they added in the post.

The tour

The final leg of the tour “Who's Bringing the Bugles?” It will begin on December 7 in Mracaibo, Zulia state, and will continue on December 10 in San Cristóbal and on the 11th of the same month in Barquisimeto.

On December 14 they will sing in Caracas, at the Simón Bolívar University stadium. The next day they will perform in Mérida (Mérida). On December 20, they will also take their music to the Valencia Forum, Carabobo state; On the 27th they will be in Lechería, Anzoátegui state, to culminate on December 29 on Margarita Island, in the Nueva Esparta state.

The band

It should be noted that Rawayana is one of the most popular alternative music groups in the country thanks to the fusion of genres such as reggae, soul, funk, rock and Caribbean rhythms. Alberto Beto Montenegro, Antonio Tony Casas, Andrés Story and Alejandro Abeijón make up the group's formation.

As part of the world tour, Rawayana has taken his hits to Latin America, North America and Europe. His presentations, it is worth noting, began on February 17 in San José, Costa Rica.

“Thank you for the energy”

In another of his recent posts on Instagram, Rawayana thanked the receptiveness of the public in Puerto Rico, who enjoyed a show that included songs such as "Give me a break", “Baby”, “Binikini” and “Holiday”.

“Puerto Rico, what an honor and what a brutal night they gave us. There have been many years of love with this island that has enchanted us. Thanks for the energy and thanks to all the artists and friends who joined us on Friday. We dream of a Choli, I hope we can come back soon!”, they shared.

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