Polanski honors family that saved him from the Holocaust

Courtesy: AP

Oscar-winning filmmaker Roman Polanski returned to Poland, the country of his youth, to pay tribute to the Polish couple who protected him as a child, saving him from the Holocaust during World War II.

Stefania and Jan Buchala were posthumously awarded the title of "Righteous Among the Nations" honor bestowed by Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Memorial, in a ceremony attended by their grandson.

Polanski, 87, who now lives in France, traveled to Poland for the occasion. It is one of the few countries to which he can travel safely as Polanski remains a fugitive from United States law after pleading guilty to sexually abusing a minor in 1977 and escaping that country the following year.

Polanski remembered Stefania Buchala as "an extremely noble and religious person" who had the courage not only to risk her own life, but those of her children. In occupied Poland, the Nazis punished anyone who aided Jews by instantly executing the person involved and their entire family. The couple's grandson, Stanislaw Buchala, received a medal and diploma. / AP

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