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How strong! They accuse Pablo Montero of alleged sexual abuse

The event would have occurred last January

The singer Pablo Montero started the week on the wrong foot. And it is that this Monday, February 6, it transpired that he was accused of alleged sexual abuse.

Two young people denounced the also actor, who, according to what they said, would have invited them to a party after one of their presentations in the state of Chiapas, in Mexico, an event in which the crime was committed.

According to a report by El Universal de México, authorities of the Aztec entity issued a location and presentation order for Montero to face the accusations against him.

The Attorney General of the Aztec country issued the order on January 20 to begin the search for Óscar Daniel Hernández Rodríguez, the real name of the famous 48-year-old.

It was on January 6 when the soap opera heartthrob shared the last publication on his official profile on Instagram. In the post, he announced new projects in conjunction with the Torreón mayor's office, with the intention of "exalting our beautiful Tierra Lagunera," according to him.

Is interpol looking for him?

There is mixed information about the case. Because he is a public figure, Pablo Montero arouses the interest of fans (and not so fans), who asked him in his last publication if it was true that Interpol was looking for him, as detailed by the Mexican press.

It turned out that the Chiapas prosecutor's office requested help from the prosecutors of other states and from Interpol to find the whereabouts of the singer, but the Mexican authorities denied such comments that spread like wildfire.

The State Attorney General's Office issued a statement in which it denied the search for the actor by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), while denying that there is an arrest warrant against him.

"The State Attorney General's Office (FGE) reported that it is false that there is an arrest warrant and/or request for collaboration from Interpol for the location and/or presentation against Óscar Antonio 'N', singer occupation, known as ' Pablo Montero', as has been erroneously disseminated in some media, ”said the authority.

Instead, the Costa Border District Prosecutor's Office received a complaint against Óscar Antonio "N" on January 7, after an accusation against him for the alleged responsibility for the crime of rape against Ximena "N", a young woman who attended one of the presentations offered by the singer.


Pablo Montero's record of problems is long. It could be said that his behavior on the recording set leaves him without job options, as the producer Juan Osorio recently said, who does not want to see him even in painting.

During the filming of the unofficial biography of Vicente Fernández, Osorio noted that Montero supposedly has a drink addiction problem and that he disrespected the recording set many times, thus hindering the work.

The same is true of his ex-wife, Carolina Van Wielink, who claims that her Pablo has a restraining order and assures that she has been assaulted by the singer.

We must not leave aside the recent row that Pablo had with a reporter in the middle of a press conference, whom he attacked. This is Italia Herrera, who asked her about her drinking problems.

Faced with questions, the actor became upset and struggled with the correspondent to take away her cell phone. Security guards of the famous artist surrounded the journalist and demanded that she delete the video that she recorded where the event was recorded.

"You saw the friendly side, but it was really a nightmare to be locked up against my will, because they deprived me of my freedom for around 10 to 15 minutes, I don't know the time, but it was very ugly," Herrara, who locked in a room after the events.

That is why he decided to denounce Pablo Montero. “I am at the State Attorney General's Office, also here in Saltillo, Coahuila; here there is also a specialized unit for offenses against journalists. The staff of the Prosecutor's Office are really speeding things up because I am very afraid, ”he said.

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