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Osmel Sousa gave beauty advice to Miss Venezuela 2022

Osmel Sousa, without mincing words, wanted to give some beauty advice to Diana Silva, Miss Venezuela 2022. “The beauty czar” did not agree with the styling that the Venezuelan representative wore in one of her engagements towards Miss Universe 2023.

“Look, girl, you are a girl who has a very nice attitude, you parade very well. Forget about that story, I don't know who thought of making dresses that look like former Miss Universe because that was a time and there were some important couturiers who did it," Sousa began to say in a video he published on his Instagram .

“The dress they gave you from Irene Sáez's version made me cry when I saw it. The one last night I imagine was an idea of ​​what the one with Bárbara Palacios was like. If Guy Meliet, who is dead and may he rest in peace, lives, he will die again,” added Sousa, who was the president of the Miss Venezuela organization for more than 30 years.

The Venezuelan attended the event wearing a strapless mermaid-cut dress, gloves that covered her arms and a delicate bun with fringes at the front. 

"It does not look good on you"

“You have to wear nice things that look pretty on you. That you look like your type, but with your hair down, never with your hair up, it doesn't look good on you. Look like all the Venezuelans have looked like him,” the designer stated in the publication.

Likewise, the Cuban rejected the idea of ​​dressing the candidates as other Venezuelan queens wore. “I don't know whose fatal idea it was to make dresses that look like other Miss Universes. That cannot be repeated again because if it is repeated it will be a mess, as was what I saw.”

Likewise, he took the opportunity to send a message to Diana, asking her to think better about her outfits. “So please think again, take nice things, whatever looks great on you because you are a girl who has a lot to give and I think that dressed well you will look very good… but dressed up, none of them looked good,” she pointed out.

To close his recent statements, the businessman, also sure of what he saw, assured that there were those who looked very good during the event. “The two best last night were Mexico and Colombia,” he said.


“What I'm going to say, I'm going to say it whoever likes it. In the end, I think I have to support all Latin Americans. First, I didn't like the ones with their hair up at all. Puerto Rico, which is so pretty, that bun looked horrible on her,” she said.

Continuing with his advice, Osmel Sousa also mentioned the participant from Nicaragua. “Then, the Nicaraguan style, which is a very nice and very new style. "The organizer of this contest, talk to someone who can style your hair with that pretty, loose hair, but not up, which didn't stand out at all."

It should be remembered that Diana Silva is in Miami to attend to part of her commitments as one of the candidates for Miss Universe 2023.

“We share the summary of this first day of visiting the media, where Diana has been able to share and talk about her wonderful work as Miss Venezuela, ahead of her representation in #MissUniverse2023. Likewise, she was able to share during a dinner with different queens who will compete next November in said international pageant,” the Miss Venezuela Organization shared on the camera's social network.

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