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New York Prosecutor's Office will file new charges against Harvey Weinstein

Manhattan prosecutors said yesterday (July 8) that they intend to file new sexual assault charges against Harvey Weinstein as they prepare for a new trial in November against the former movie mogul, the AP reported.

Assistant District Attorney Nicole Blumberg said in court that prosecutors are actively pursuing rape allegations that occurred in Manhattan within the statute of limitations.

He noted that some potential survivors who were not ready to testify in Weinstein's first trial in New York have indicated they are now prepared to testify.

But after being pressed by the judge, Blumberg said the prosecution has not yet presented its findings to a grand jury. Likewise, she indicated that she could not tell the court when her investigation will be complete.

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“People continue to investigate a topic based on trauma,” he said. “This is an ongoing process,” she also noted.

Delaying tactic

Weinstein's lawyer, Arthur Aidala, sitting next to his client, who appeared in a wheelchair, suggested that the investigation was nothing more than a delaying tactic by the prosecution, and said something similar occurred before the initial rape trial.

“Again, we have the person and we are looking for a crime,” he said. “We have the '1-800-get-Harvey' hotline.”

Blumberg rejected the idea and said the prosecution's plan is to proceed to trial in the fall. “There are certainly no delaying tactics on our part,” he said. “We proceed in the most expeditious manner.”

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When asked by Judge Curtis Farber what month he envisioned, Blumberg responded, “November would be a realistic deadline.”

Aidala said his client simply wants the trial to move forward as soon as possible, noting that he is in his fifth year of incarceration.

“He is suffering tremendously,” Aidala said, adding that Weinstein suffers from macular degeneration, fluid in his lungs and heart, and diabetes that is “through the roof” due to poor nutrition behind bars.

“He's basically not getting any treatment for any of this,” Aidala said. “He is not a young man. “He is a sick man,” said the lawyer.

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Judge Farber scheduled the next pretrial hearing for July 19.

No medical problems

Weinstein, 72, has maintained that any sexual activity was consensual. He is currently under arrest at the Rikers Island prison complex, but has suffered medical problems throughout his time behind bars.

In April, New York's highest court threw out Weinstein's rape conviction after determining that the judge presiding over the trial unfairly allowed testimony against the defendant based on statements from other women who were not part of the case.

The ruling reopened a painful chapter in the United States' reckoning with sexual misconduct by powerful figures. The #MeeToo era began in 2017 with a wave of accusations against Weinstein.

Weinstein, who is serving a 23-year sentence in New York, was also charged in Los Angeles in 2022 for another rape and was sentenced to 16 years in prison in California. However, in an appeal filed last month in California's Second District Court, Weinstein's lawyers claimed that his client did not receive a fair trial in Los Angeles.

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