Netflix dusts off conflict between Cristian Castro and Luis Miguel


If something has left Netflix with the third episode of "Luis Miguel: the series" is the live controversy of a buried rivalry. The third chapter made use of the supposed impasse that El Sol and Cristian Castro experienced in the 90s and several affected people have come out to give their "truths"

As he commented in an interview with the program “Sale el Sol”, music producer Alejandro Zepeda clarified that Verónica Castro's son was already successful when they fell out. He also denied that it was true, as shown in Netflix fiction, that Kiko Cibrián produced Cristian's album. "That is a lie. I produced Cristian's album and Kiko I hired him as a guitarist only ”, Zepeda emphasized.

Without fear of retaliation, the man also claimed that Luis Miguel used his influences to steal a Grammy from Castro. “They took it from us. And who do you think they gave it to? To Luis Miguel. Obviously he always had a lot of influence ”.

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