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Nacho Cano, from Mecano, is free after being arrested in Madrid

Nacho Cano, one of the founders of the famous musical group Mecano, was provisionally released on July 9 after testifying before the Police, EFE reported. The artist was arrested for allegedly illegally hiring immigrants for the musical show 'Malinche', which is currently being presented in Madrid.

Cano was arrested and taken to security forces offices. He is now waiting to be summoned by the court handling the investigation, according to police sources.

In the same operation, a woman allegedly related to the case and the theater producer were also arrested.

The Spanish composer and theater producer offered a press conference after being provisionally released. EFE

Various complaints

The arrests occurred following several complaints filed by show workers for alleged irregularities in hiring.

In them they point to Cano as the author of crimes against workers' rights and of favoring irregular immigration, according to the aforementioned sources.

The musical focuses on the character of 'Malinche', of Aztec origin. The montage focuses on her love story with the Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. It premiered in September 2022 and has already exceeded 500 performances.

The show was preceded by controversy due to the statements of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador. He demanded that Spain apologize on the occasion of the commemoration of the 200 years of the country's independence and the 500 years of the conquest.

His return to the spotlight

Cano responded that the musical is an ode to miscegenation and the conquest of Mexico. Likewise, he pointed out that he did not want to judge anyone with his work.

'Malinche' marked the return of Nacho Cano to the front page of the musical world after years in which his solo career did not fully materialize, after the success of Mecano, along with his brother José María and the singer Ana Torroja, who They separated definitively in 1998.

It was during the Amigo Awards that year, where Mecano was honored with a special award for his career, when José María, the eldest of the Cano brothers, publicly expressed his departure from the group, so Nacho and Ana Torroja decided concentrate definitively on your individual projects.

On your own

The man from Madrid, who starred in a romance with Penélope Cruz in the 90s, had already released the solo album 'El lateral feminine' (1996), also published 'Amor y humor' (1999) and 'Nacho Cano' (2001), which It was her last pop studio album.

“We always live together”, “El amar del pomelo”, “El patio”, “El present Junto a ti” or “Sube upload” among others, are some of his most successful songs as a soloist, where various Spanish singers stand out, among which the rock singer-songwriter Mercedes Ferrer stands out.

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