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Mansion from “Home Alone” goes on sale for a million dollars

The house was built in 1921 and since then it has undergone few but striking modifications

The iconic mansion where the movie “Home Alone” was filmed is for sale. The property, which will surely be purchased by a fan of the seventh art, has an initial price of 5,25 million dollars. The house was renovated in 2018 but retains its original facade, as well as some details seen in the film.

Released in 1990, the film followed the adventures of Kevin McAllister (Macaulay Culkin), who had to prevent thieves from entering his home while his parents were away. At only 8 years old, the youngest member of a large family, he faced accidental abandonment and thwarted a colossal robbery.

To achieve this, the boy would use his imagination and cunning to make the criminals (led by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) flee in terror, while the audience laughed out loud.

Since then, the house has been admired by tourists who come to see it. Located in Winnetka, Illinois (United States) “it is possibly one of the most famous houses in the world.” With this description, real estate agent Dawn McKenna Group tries to attract attention via Instagram.

“While much of the house will be familiar, you won't believe what the sellers have done to transform it,” EFE states in its review. According to the sales team, its owners doubled the living area and added a “state-of-the-art” sports court, highlights the news agency.

Some details

The total area is just over 837 square meters. The house has a Georgian style and was built in 1921. Five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a conservatory, a hot tub and a large kitchen are part of its charms.

According to the Zillow website, its recent owners, who bought it for $1.5 million, did not modify its architecture or the most recognizable spaces in “Home Alone.”

What many do not know is that, despite its popularity, the interior of the house was recreated and filmed far from the mansion. Specifically at New Trier Township High School.

If you don't have the millions to purchase it but you dream of it, another cheaper option of having a replica is possible. This after the toy company Lego will immortalize her through a replica that costs around $300. The most interesting thing is that she will have fun putting it together and, why not, playing with her main characters.

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