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Miss Guatemala Organization calls for suspension of the Coffee Reign

The organization Miss Universe Guatemala criticized the lack of management and commitment that has been towards the contestants, on the part of the organizers of the Reina Internacional del Café Contest. The beauty event advances in Manizales (Colombia), after several cases of covid-19 detected. Among them is his candidate: Dannia Guevara, who left the competition after testing positive for the coronavirus.

In addition to Guatemala, the representatives of the Dominican Republic (Aída Saladín Castillo), Puerto Rico (Chayrin Darlys Pérez Abreu), Nicaragua (Sheynnis Alondra Palacios Cornejo) and the Philippines (Ruffa Nava) were also expelled, the Futbol Red portal reported.

“We regret to inform that the candidates from Guatemala and Portugal (Inês Perestrello) were informed that they would not continue in the competition to present covid-19. This after the contact they had with a positive candidate. They also participated in recent days in public activities and with the rest of the candidates (…) ", commented the Miss Universe Guatemala authorities before issuing a lengthy statement.

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