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Aspirants to Miss Grand Venezuela already have their bands

18 young people showed their best face and catwalk at the gala prior to the final on June 28

This Monday, June 10, the 18 candidates for Miss Grand Venezuela 2024 received the official bands that accredit them as representatives of the states. Looking ahead to the election on June 28, the 18 girls paraded and shared with the guests at this second gala prior to the final night.

Mariam Pérez, who holds the crown of Miss Planet Venezuela 2023, was in charge of the animation of the intimate, fleeting and simple day that took place in the spaces of the Favola restaurant in La Castellana.

George Wittels, president of the national organization of queens and a prominent goldsmith, shared his impressions before starting the girls' parade. “We have a very interesting group of girls who have constantly evolved. There are very brave girls with great potential who entered at the last minute. This is a great opportunity to see them in person and get to know them. “I am very grateful and we are moving forward,” he said around 8:00 p.m.

Wearing colorful gala dresses, the 18 beauties, from various states of the country, showed their best face and raised their voices to introduce themselves to the media.

Valentina Martinez, outgoing queen, assisted to place the sashes on each of the girls. Prior to the parade, the young woman expressed her impressions. “The best thing is to do this because you like it and feel it from the heart. I want them to have that same dedication and that same commitment that I had.”

Loose news and some anecdotes

Among other things, the day was ideal to announce surprises linked to the gala on the 28th. It was said that that day the Mis Grand Venezuela, Miss Global Venezuela, Miss Elite Venezuela, Miss Celebrity Venezuela "and Los diamonds, a new contest that It will be different and about models looking for talent for the catwalks. On June 28 I will say what the prize is and some surprises,” Wittels said.

Another novelty put forward by the president of the beauty organization was that “Mr. Nawat (owner of Miss Grand) is coming to Venezuela. Also the current Miss Grand International and due to the same boom we have had there are several queens who have told us that they want to visit us.”

The prominent maker of crowns and jewels also asked for fewer attacks from missologists and more empathy towards young women. “This is only going to be the second edition of our contest and they demand a lot from us, like traditional contests. The effort we are making is quite great.”

The big question that Wittels left in the air is who will be the Miss Grand Venezuela who this year will travel to Asia to represent us. The rumor is strong that she will be the former Miss Venezuela 2015 Mariam Habach.

More from the gala

Another who shared a few words with the press was Professor Kira, who prepares young women in catwalk matters. “We have been working with them for two weeks in which they have polished what they have for the final night. “Each one of them must show what they carry in their soul so that you receive it in your hearts.”

At the entrance to the room, Valentina Martínez placed the band on the girls before starting their parade through the room. In front of the cameras they stopped to pose and returned to the starting point to close there, microphone in hand, with a loud presentation. They proudly announced their name followed by the state they would represent.

Wide smiles, nervous ones, euphoria, there was everything. Among them, Miss Grand Guárico made an effort to shine on the catwalk. Miss Grand La Guaira stood out as one of the most beautiful and prepared. Miss Grand Yaracuy had the best energy and presentation. And Miss Grand Portuguese caught attention because of the angel of her.

The final event can be seen live at the Teatro del Círculo Militar or streaming on the Grandtv-ve channel on YouTube.

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