Mirtha Pérez: I went into the closet

Mirtha Pérez laughs at almost everything around her. Good humor has helped him to bear the last times of the pandemic. Also to relaunch her singing career.

He laughs when asked if with the launch of the song What happens to me this morning, he is part of the "deoxidation" of what his professional performance has been. With the help of Cheo Pardo, she prepared this experience that she is very satisfied with.
In conversation by zoom, the interpreter said that this is the first of the songs that she will do with Pardo, under the formula of Patreón, with which the former Invisible Friends has “rescued” the work that some singers have, due to the record contracts who signed in a moment, lost in the way of their work.

In addition, she is one of the most consistent guests that the musician has on Fridays on his Instagram account with the virtual parties he prepares.

"What was it like recording with someone who, when you started, was very young?"
"I've never had a problem with that." What I like is music and feeling happy singing. When Cheo, who is a tremendous producer, asked me for a song that was "lost", I told him about it because it's mine. The dilemma that was presented to me was how to make everything look good because, due to the coronavirus, I do not leave my house. He suggested that I go to a studio, but I didn't want to.

—How did you manage to record in a pandemic?
"We did the study at the house." We put the equipment, sheets everywhere, but when we did the test I did not like the result. I remembered that when Daniel Jiménez asked me to record for the musical Renny Presenta, I went into the closet, which was the quietest place, and recorded there. So I asked my daughter to help me. We got some things out and I went into the closet. I recorded and there was the result.

"So you didn't come out of the closet but went into it ..."
-Exactly. Now that I tell you, I laugh, but it is a perfect formula because this pandemic makes you get creative. It is better to go into the closet for a few minutes than in a clinic. I admit that I have gotten a little paranoid about this covid-19, but I have to take care of myself and mine.

"Has the pandemic made you keep music at bay?"
-Not at all. I have done many things by streaming, which they call, both musical and theatrical. This is a momentary situation that will undoubtedly pass. But since we don't know when it will be, you have to take it easy and keep your spirits up and, of course, the necessary care that is needed to stay healthy and be able to continue when it happens. l

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