Miranda! releases album on April 23 and we tell you what comes

Photo: Courtesy Sony Music

Electropop is celebrating now that Miranda! back for more. With the premiere of the single “Por amar al amor”, the band formed by Alejandro Sergi and Juliana Gattas gave a taste of what it brings for April 23: an album that celebrates 20 years of musical career.

In October 2020, and with the same title of the single, the duo launched a kind of musical soap opera starring both of them. So, the project did not seem anchored to the premiere of a song and spent time in between before it saw the light.

The song will be part of "Souvenir", the next album by the Argentine group that has been making music since 2001. Although many do not know it, his name is a tribute to the Argentine actor Osvaldo Miranda. Hence, histrionics and exaggeration have always been part of his stage proposal.

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