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Everyday life is the secret to success behind Miranda!

More than two decades of musical career and nine studio albums have made the Argentines Miranda! one of the reference bands in Latin America, with a prolific and successful career that owes to Spanish groups such as Fangoria or La Casa Azul.

"Spanish music has been an influence on our career," says Alejandro Sergi in an interview with EFE, who together with Juliana Gattas leads a group that has sold more than half a million records and has won numerous awards, such as seven MTV awards, two Silver Seagulls, four torches at the Viña del Mar Festival and two Latin Grammy nominations.

The duo presented their latest album, "Hotel Miranda!", in which they review their main hits with new productions and different guest singers, such as Emilia, Lali Espósito, María Becerra or Cristian Castro.

"This album is a kind of celebration to crown the celebrations of our 20th birthday and a good opportunity to bring the sounds of our most iconic songs to modern times", explains the singer of this electro-pop band, who reverts to the new album 'hits' such as “Yo te dire”, “Uno los dos”, “Prisionero”, “I already knew”, “Mentía” or “Don”.

Spanish influence

Sergi acknowledges that he "loves" Spanish music and recalls that they have collaborated with groups like Carlos Sadness, Sidonie and, especially, Fangoria, with whom they have "a super special relationship".

And it is that Fangoria was an influence for the band from its beginnings, since they always listened to Alaska and Nacho Canut and dreamed of forming a group of that style.

For this reason, Sergi points out, “it was a very big surprise” when they released the album “Sin resistrictos” (2004) and they found out that Fangoria had “liked it a lot”. So much so that they were invited to act as opening acts on their tour in Spain.

Twenty-two years of career and friendship

Alejandro Sergi and Juliana Gattas founded Miranda! in 2001 with no other intention than to meet up with friends and play the music they liked in the bars they frequented. "We never imagined having so much significance or lasting for so long," admits the singer.

One of the keys to the success of Miranda!, points out Sergi, is that they never stop working, composing, going to the studio every day, doing concerts, touring and interviewing, or preparing shows.

"I don't know the formula for success, but if we work hard, surely something of that will be recognized," says Sergi, who is in charge of the composition, the studio work and "putting together the musical part" of the show, while Gattas carries the more visual part, such as the staging of concerts or video clips.


Sergi always starts from music, melodies and bases, when composing, and is inspired by "everyday things", personal stories, friendship, love or family that happen every day. However, he doesn't count so much what he sees, but what he feels with what he sees.

"Instead of telling stories, I tell the feeling that this story provokes in me", points out Sergi, who has always opted for new sounds and has resorted to new technologies to try to do different things musically, while, "lyrically, repeating or not” does not matter to him.

Miranda's first 10 years! they were “purely naive”, since the project took on a dimension that no one in the group had imagined, while this last decade has served them to “become aware” of everything they have achieved.

The stage that opens now, with the release of "Hotel Miranda!", is going to be "purely celebratory", asserts Sergi, who is confident that the new album will allow the band to continue adding new audiences.

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