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Melany Mille said that Nacho supports Chyno with effort and love

The model assured that Jesús Miranda is improving satisfactorily

Melany Mille revealed that Nacho works with love and effort to support Chyno in his recovery. The Venezuelan, through a question and answer dynamic, stated that Jesús Miranda is improving as the days go by.

“Better and better, thank God. Our prayers have been many for him and I know that our Father will put him in very high places after learning from him,” Mille responded to the question of one of his followers.

And he added: Miguel with a lot of effort and love has worked to support it and that together they will once again be one of the great artistic presentations in our Venezuela.”

As is known after their reunion, the duo made up of Jesús Alberto Miranda Pérez (Chyno) and Miguel Ignacio Mendoza Donatti (Nacho) have shared capsules of the new music they are working on.

It is important to remember that the interpreters of “Andas en mi Cabeza” separated in 2017, after 10 years of joint career.

Nacho's older children

Another question asked by one of her followers was how she was getting along with the other male children of the singer. “Dance me” that he had in previous romantic relationships: Diego Ignacio, Miguel, Santiago and Matías.

“I feel happy that Miguel is a good father, hardworking and a fighter for all his children. I am grateful to God that he is giving him more and more wisdom to do things better and leave a great legacy for his children. "That has nothing to do with money, but with essence," said Melany.

The Venezuelan model also highlighted that she asks God to little by little be closer to them. “That they can trust and lean on me when they need it and the same way I am raising my daughters,” she said.

“Mya loves her little brothers and is currently desperate to return to Miami to have them closer. I know my girls have excellent older brothers,” Mille said.


Melany Mille, Nacho and their two daughters are spending a few days in the Canaima National Park, in the state of Bolívar. The presenter, who has shared her experience from the second largest park in Venezuela, highlighted that she feels blessed to be able to be in that wonderful place that UNESCO declared a World Heritage Site.

“It is certainly a blessing. I think that all Venezuelans, and even those who are not, should visit this place at least once in their lives. “It is magical, beautiful, an unparalleled creation of our Heavenly Father,” she responded proudly.

For the 34-year-old model, it is a matter of considering it and setting the goal of visiting Canaima, a wonder that everyone should visit at least once in their life.

“And to the people who say that it is impossible economically speaking, I tell them that it is just about setting goals and working to achieve them. Always have a positive vision and save one at a time with the conviction that it is possible. “It all starts from the desire and putting aside so much negativity,” she said.

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