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Mau and Ricky show off video recorded in Caracas

Mau and Ricky released 'Canción 2', the latest preview of their album 'Hotel Caracas', which will go on sale on May 31. The Venezuelan brothers also took advantage of the launch to reveal the tracklist of the production, which marks a return to their roots.

“'Song 2', the one that came out, is one of the songs I'm most proud of,” Ricky Montaner commented on his Instagram profile. “I am also very proud of the video we recorded in Caracas, in the city where we were born, where we are from… And well, it is a song that celebrates love, that love is never late (and that) it always arrives at the perfect moment” , the artist then added, who highlighted that this is the last preview they will present before the release of the album.

“Go listen to it, go watch the video. They're going to love it. I am very happy, it is one of my favorites,” he also commented in Mau Montaner's stories.

It should be noted that 'Canción 2' mixes urban and contemporary sounds, in which firm drum rhythms, ambient sounds and the vocal harmonies of Mau and Ricky stand out, with lyrics marked by romanticism in the style of Ricardo Montaner's children.

“I know a lot about asses, I know a lot about alcohol, but I don't know what love is. With you I want to learn, to be in love until I grow old,” the vocalists sing in the chorus of the song.

“Thank God I didn't cross you, thank God I waited for you. It seems late, but it's perfect. Everything comes in its time,” they intone at another point in the song, which highlights the importance of having “the ability to see what others do not see.”

Regarding the video for the song, it shows its protagonists in various environments of the city, both outdoors (in a cafeteria, a barbershop and a laundromat), while they pass loving couples on every corner.

It should be noted that 'Canción 2' is the fourth single and video presented by Mau and Ricky from 'Hotel Caracas'. 'You're going to destroy me', 'The day after tomorrow' and 'Big day' are the other two shared previews.

Regarding the list of songs that makes up the production, the Caracas performers detailed that it will be made up of 15 songs in total and features collaborations from Guaynaa, Arcángel and Ilegales.

“Scared to death”, 'The day after tomorrow', 'Song 2', 'David Beckham', 'Glock', 'You're going to destroy me', 'Big day' (with Guaynaa), 'Wow', 'Fetish', 'Manera linda de muerte', 'Hasta Olvidarte' (with Arcángel), 'Espectacular' (with Ilegales), 'FKN Liar', 'Amarte Tanto' and 'Karma' is the order of the songs on the album, which is the fourth work Mau and Ricky's studio.

“Another great song. 'You're going to destroy me,'Day after tomorrow', 'Big day' and now this... they are on another level. Long live Venezuela, damn it”; "Love! Definitely, several phrases go directly to my vows for my wedding”; “I love how versatile you are. This is much more urban. I love how they handle everything. I already need it to be 31, please”; “Love it, they shined with this album”; and “This song is the best. How can they improve themselves more and more every day?” were some of the comments left on YouTube, where the video clip of the song accumulated more than a thousand views eight hours after its debut.

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