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Mariam Habach achieves another achievement as a runner

Mariam Habach remains focused on improving herself as a runner. Now, Miss Venezuela 2015 celebrates having achieved another goal by increasing the distance she can cover in her competitions.

“Today is a very special and significant day for me. Today I did my half marathon for the first time,” the model wrote on her Instagram profile when talking about the event held in Valencia, Carabobo state.

The dentist and psychologist also took advantage of the moment to dedicate a message to herself about what she has achieved in this new aspect of sport, which she completed in two hours and 17 minutes.

Objective: reach the goal

“Mariam, you started running on January 15, 2024. That day you only ran 500m and you couldn't take it anymore; Look at yourself four months later, today, May 26, running your first half marathon that is reduced to 21k, feeling strong and enthusiastic, with the goal of only reaching the solid goal," she expressed in the post, in which she shows herself proudly with the medal certifying your achievement.

“Your body has evolved, but your mind more so. This is just discipline, perseverance and focus,” she also added in the publication.

The former beauty queen did not miss the opportunity to thank her parents for the support they always give her. “They, my pillar, waited for me at the goal. They traveled just to see me run my first 21k. I love them,” Habach said when sharing a photo in which she can be seen with her parents.

Photo: Instagram @mariamhabach

Its pillars

In her stories on the aforementioned social network, the beauty queen also took the opportunity to share some details of her preparation. Thus, she said that she had to get up super early (3:40 am) because the start of the race was scheduled for 6 pm.

“I, who don't usually eat breakfast and all my workouts are on an empty stomach, had a carbohydrate load this week that was already exhausted; "It was not based on eating two slices of white bread with jam and sugar at that time," he also commented about his run-up to the start of the race.

Days before the half marathon, Mariam Habach shared a post about her motivation to train and participate in races in the midst of all her professional activities.

Beyond running

“I run for me, for my mind, body and soul… because it goes beyond running, it is feeling how your body, your heart and every cell is connected to make you happy, skillful and capable,” he highlighted.

The mannequin had already shared the emotion that comes from crossing the finish line and surpassing the goals that are imposed every day in the area.

“I did it! My first race, my first 10 km! ”Wrote the former beauty queen on her Instagram profile, who had already left clues in her stories about what she was up to. “The feeling was incredible, body, mind and soul 100%. Loving every moment of this experience. Let's go for more," added the woman born in El Tocuyo, Lara state.

The new achievement of the former Miss Venezuela earned her positive comments from many of her followers on the pink logo social network. “Running is life, welcome to this magical addictive world. Congratulations"; “I imagine your happiness reaching the goal… now you will have the best body and the healthiest heart wrapped in such a beautiful being” 😍😍😍greetings and success”; “Excellent time”; and “You are insurmountable and the only one who surpasses you is yourself every time you set your mind to something,” were some of the comments left in the post.

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