Malanga reappears with an unpublished song

Two other songs will be released in January and April 2021

After eight years of absence, Malanga is preparing to launch a new Inédito song. No revamping old songs. This is Maybe, the first single from his next musical work. 

Its vocalist, Arístides Barbella, commented that this work does not yet have a name or a definitive number of songs. "Tomorrow, Friday, we're going to release it and then we'll do the same with two other songs." 

He pointed out that “they are scheduled to go out in January and April next year. This gives us the chance to debug because we are working on some that are not yet fully written ”.

This eight-year absence did not mean that Malanga had disappeared and, now, they are in full reunion. “We have gotten together several times in the last few years to do concerts and to try to ensure that what happens allows us to stay current. Although we are in a pandemic and going through this situation, this was the time for things to flow as they are ”. 

He said that the pause served to reinforce the ties between the members and consolidate what they did. “Since 1999 we had not stopped. It was a continuous tour of more than 15 years. We had to look for other horizons, but we always remain a band and friends. We have been family all the time ”. 

The last presentation of the group in Venezuela was at the end of 2019. “It was exciting. There, Chapis brought up an idea because living off hits from the past is boring and repetitive. We wanted to make a 'comeback' but with new music ”.  

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