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Madonna faces new class action lawsuit for showing pornography

Madonna fans sued her for showing pornography without warning at the concerts of her “Celebration Tour 2024.” The “Queen of Pop” is once again facing a class action lawsuit.

According to information from the AS portal, Justen Lipeles, one of the attendees at the concert at the Kia Forum in Inglewood held on March 7, filed a lawsuit against Madonna and the promoter Live Nation.

The document accuses those involved of misleading advertising and other crimes, due to the conditions of the event and the content of the performance.

“Sick from the heat”

Legal documents state that the concert was supposed to begin at 8:30 p.m., but did not begin until after 10:00 p.m., while Lipeles and other fans had to wait in a sweltering venue. “We were sweaty and sick from the heat,” they complained.

Although the public asked for a prompt solution to the situation, the plaintiff assured that the interpreter of "You will see" He did not provide solutions and told them to just take off their clothes, the text added.

Lipeles also claimed that Madonna and Live Nation “deliberately withheld” key information about the content of the show, which included topless women simulating sexual acts on stage. Likewise, he accused the artist of lip-syncing.

“Forcing consumers to wait for hours in hot, uncomfortable arenas and subjecting them to pornography without warning is an example of Madonna's total disdain for her fans,” the text states.

Finally, Justen Lipeles demands a jury trial and demands compensation for damages, in addition to the return of the money spent on the tickets and the profits obtained from the concert. Another request is for a court order to stop the defendants' "unfair business practices."

On the other hand, and according to international media, in 2019, in a presentation held at the Filmore in Miami Beach, the singer turned off the air conditioning and complained to fans who were complaining about the temperature. "I'm cold. If you are hot, take off your clothes,” she said.

another demand

It is not the first time that the famous singer has received a lawsuit for being late to her show, among other factors.

Madonna, who has a 40-year musical career that is still in force, last April received a new lawsuit for delays in her shows.

"Forcing consumers to wait hours for her performance in a hot and uncomfortable stadium demonstrates Madonna's arrogance and complete lack of respect for her fans," said lawyers for the singer's fans. "The beautiful island".

The class action lawsuit aims to represent all ticket holders who experienced similar issues at late checkouts.

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