Machado asks for justice for his brother

Alicia Machado asks the Venezuelan justice to clarify "the vile and cruel murder of my brother", whose body was found last week, after being missing for a year.

Miss Universe 1996 herself communicated to her followers the sad moment her family is going through.

“Tonight is very dark for all my Machado family. I am very sad and with a feeling impossible to describe. A brother was murdered in our native Venezuela. My brother was missing for almost a year and unfortunately we were informed that his remains appeared, "he wrote on his Instagram account.

Machado did not elaborate on the circumstances in which the death occurred.

Also, this Monday, November 30, he published a statement in which he says he cannot testify and asks the justice to do all its work to clarify the case.

Also, the former Miss Universe thanked "the millions of demonstrations of support and solidarity with my family and with me. May God receive you with all his immense mercy and may divine justice reach those responsible."