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Luis Fernando Borjas premieres 'I have something to tell you' this Friday

Luis Fernando Borjas is preparing for the debut of his second album as a soloist. The work, which follows the successful '5:10 am', represents a challenge and an illusion at the same time for him, as he confessed on his social networks.

“May 24th this new album comes out, new challenge, new hope, new love. An album that I have fallen in love with, made with a very beautiful energy by everyone involved here,” the Maracucho singer, who was highlighted at the 2023 Latin Grammys for his previous work, commented on his Instagram profile.

In the publication, Borjas highlights that the production, which is titled 'I have something to tell you', pays tribute to the music and temperament of this side of the world. It is “a tribute to the Caribbean, to tropical love with an old flavor, a tribute to our parents, their grandparents, who fell in love with these genres, with the bolero and the son,” the 48-year-old artist explained in his text.

13 stories

Although the singer of hits like La miraíta' did not reveal the track list of the full-length, he did share that it is made up of “13 beautiful songs, 13 stories of love and heartbreak.”

Likewise, he highlighted that the production also has several collaborations. “Luxurious, spectacular guests, I respect and love them very much, and I am happy that they have participated with me on this album, as well as other great musicians, producers, (sound) engineers… So… now, it's ready. I hope you enjoy it, dedicate yourself to it, fall in love,” the Zulian man then expressed.

In addition to this announcement, the vocalist also shared some musical previews of the album, especially the first single. “'Dreaming that you are the melody that I found, to live to the rhythm of your being'... And who would you dedicate it to?”, The artist noted in another post about his new material.

“The modern Bobby Capó”

The imminent debut of Luis Fernando Borjas' new music generated great enthusiasm among his followers on the aforementioned social network.

“Great, brother, very eager to hear everything. I know it will be a success”; “New gramophone is on the horizon”; “I'm looking forward to it, my beautiful love”; “Luis Fernando Borjas, I also have something to tell you… I love you, what a success; I already made an appointment so as not to miss your new album”; “Thank you for your songs and for representing us Venezuelans”; “The modern Boby Capó, simply masterful”; and “What a beauty… I will have a few tequilas with my loved ones, friends and family,” commented several of his followers on Instagram.

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