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Luis Fernando Borjas boasts “magical connection” with Ronald Borjas

Luis Fernando Borjas confesses that he is delighted with the most recent collaboration with his cousin, also the singer Ronald Borjas. The Zulian artists teamed up again on the new album by the 'Agua 'e Rain' singer.

“'The most beautiful story'. What a beauty of a song and what a pleasure to have Ronald Borjas in this song, masterful as always,” the Maracucho vocalist wrote on Instagram about the song, which is part of his long-playing album 'I have something to tell you'.

The performer, winner of the Latin Grammy for best tropical album 2024 for '5:10 am', highlighted that the song composed by Julio César Rodríguez conquered him from the first time he heard it.

like a glove

“This production, 'I have something to tell you,' fit like a glove. A story, a way to tell this love between two people, a beautiful connection. It is positive, very romantic, I loved it,” she said in a video published on the aforementioned social network.

“It occurred to me to invite my cousin, Ronald Borjas, who is a great singer, you know him, you also know the magical connection that exists when we sing together; I love that and it seemed like a painting, a beautiful landscape, to capture the Borjas in bolero,” he then noted in the clip.

“The most beautiful story, the one that I will not forget and that surprised my life when I least expected it. When I needed it most, you opened windows that were closed. The most beautiful story, that in my soul is your laughter, that made me wake up to dream again and I will never forget you," highlights part of the lyrics of the song, which is the penultimate track of Luis's second solo album. Fernando Borjas.

As will be remembered, Luis Fernando and Ronald Borjas, who went 10 years without speaking to each other, celebrated their reunion family and personal with a concert tour.

More collaborations

In relation to 'I have something to tell you', it should be noted that in addition to this song it also has collaborations with the Cubans Francisco Céspedes ('Me falla') and Alain Pérez ('I already have my heart ready'), the Puerto Rican Jeremy Bosch ( 'You appeared'), and the Venezuelans Ilan Chéster ('True Love'), Yordano ('Days of June') and Frank Quintero ('Señora Luna').

The track list of the production, which debuted on May 24, is completed by the songs: 'Tan solo para ti', 'Caña dulce', 'You won't find me', 'I will love you forever', 'Sentida Song' and 'We'.

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