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Luciano D'Alessandro and Mimí Lazo prepare for the premiere of 'Padres'

Luciano D'Alessandro and Mimí Lazo are happy with the premiere of 'Padres', a new television movie on the Lifetime network. The former Puerto Rican Miss Universe Dayanara Torres also has a leading role in the production.

“This June 16 at 10 PM on Life time (@milifetime) you will be able to enjoy the movie #Parents, a story that talks about love, family, inclusion and empathy,” he highlighted on Sunday night (June 2, 2024). the Venezuelan actor on his Instagram profile.

The feature film was announced last November and is part of the LGBTQIA+ Pride Month programming of the Spanish-language signal of the aforementioned American channel.


Bow, for her part, highlighted: “This film makes me very proud. It is a story about acceptance and understanding of love for the whole family. Thanks to the wonderful team that made this possible, Rafa, Benjie, Yamara, Mayu, Annie César and Ale. Thank you Lifetime, for your support of diversity. As it should be,” commented Mimí Lazo.

“Dayana, Luciano, Rodolfo, Marcos, Carola, Jorge, Lexamarie, Amanda K, Elena, Ana Isabel and Fabián thank you for your talent in bringing these characters to life,” the interpreter also noted.

For the Spanish-language franchise of the American channel, this film offers a great opportunity to fulfill its objective of offering content that explores current topics and situations.

“Lifetime is committed to its audience by broadcasting content with relevant and current topics. The new original production 'Padres' is a great story of inclusion and diversity framed in a very contemporary fun narrative. It is also an honor to present our first film made on film,” said Carmen Larios, Senior VP of Content Strategy at Lifetime in a statement reviewed by the digital media Newsline Report.

In high resolution

'Padres' was recorded in Puerto Rico in 8K resolution (high definition), the feature film highlights a story by César Sierra and direction by Benjamín López. It also has the acting participation of Marcos Carlos, Rodolfo Salas, Carola García, Alexandra Malagón, Amanda Kairuz, Angela Mari, Jorge Antares, Amanda Méndez, Luis Omar O'Farril, Lexamarie Matos, Fabián González, Elena and Ana Isabel Zamot.

The news of the film's upcoming premiere was immediately highlighted by the Venezuelan's followers, starting with his wife, María Alejandra Requena. “An incredible story that I am sure will move every fiber of your being. A story of life to its fullest, with many emotions and yes, with pain, but above all a lot of love; I already want to see it. Congratulations, my life, proud of you,” wrote the communicator and writer in the comments section of the post.

“The challenge of playing a gay role is very great, if you don't measure up you lose the community”; “It looks great”; “Uffffffff, I want to see it now. Knowing that you are one of the best actors, I am sure that you will be incredible. And to the five idiots who complained... gentlemen, ladies, you have options. Don't watch it and let others be happy”; and “It will be a great story! Like all the ones you have been participating in! Many successes Luciano”, commented some users.

There were also those who criticized the proposal: “Because of things like this, we see that children are suffering and having many identity disorders thanks to the locution of adults” and “What a shame that out of fear of negative criticism they lend themselves to this.” , or to be applauded. There is no problem with people identifying themselves however they want. The problem is that they want to advertise so much to the point that they are driving the new generation crazy. Now it turns out that many no longer even find an identity. Stop promoting this type of content,” they highlighted.

The history

According to Newsline Report, the plot of 'Padres' follows Virginia (Dayanara Torres), who decides to donate her eggs so that her twin brother David (Luciano D' Alessandro) and Bruno (Marcos Carlos), his long-term partner, many years, they can be parents. Fertilization (with Bruno as sperm donor) is a success.

Virginia carried out the entire donation procedure without telling her sexist husband, Miguel (Rodolfo Salas), and when he finds out he feels cheated. Given this, she decides to forget her in-laws and turn her back on her brother-in-law David and her baby.

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