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Lele Pons had her wedding ring stolen in Paris

Lele Pons surprised her almost 54 million followers on Instagram with the bad news that she had been the victim of a robbery in France. The Venezuelan singer and internet personality and her husband, vocalist Guaynaa, expressed their dismay at the unexpected event.

The theft of the jewel occurred in Paris, where the couple was enjoying one of the stages of their trip through Europe. Both Lele Pons and Guaynaa reported the incident on their respective social networks.

“We regret to share that we were victims of a robbery in Paris, with my wife's wedding ring, which represented so many beautiful things for us,” said the Puerto Rican artist in his Instagram stories.

Lele Pons and Guaynaa
Photo: EFE

Sentimental value

The 'Vaquera' interpreter highlighted above all in his message the sentimental value of the jewel. “There is no other piece that replaces what that ring symbolizes for us, and the beautiful and magical moments it made us live. Take good care of your belongings when you go and don't trust anyone. This is now custom and custom,” he commented.

The famous woman from Caracas also reported the theft in her stories on the aforementioned social network, where she took the opportunity to ask her followers for help to recover the ring.

"Hi my loves. Unfortunately, during a beautiful trip to Paris with my husband my wedding ring was stolen. We are still waiting for more information, but so far we have had no luck,” said Lele Pons, who said “I do” to the Puerto Rican on March 4, 2023, in a lavish wedding full of Latin and international stars.

“It breaks my heart because this ring means our union,” also said Pons, who became known thanks to his humorous videos on the defunct Vine platform.

“If you hear or perhaps know anything about it, please feel free to respond to this story or send me a direct message. Thank you,” he added without giving more details of the robbery or the response of those responsible for the hotel where the incident occurred.

In the “City of Light”

Before the bad time they experienced, the couple of artists had shared several moments of their time in the City of Light, where they visited such emblematic places as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre museum, and tried several of the place's culinary specialties. .

It should be noted that the Puerto Rican has combined this trip to Europe with his 'Guaynaa in the summer' concert tour, which will soon take him to Gran Canaria (July 13), Barcelona (July 24) and Peñíscola, Alicante, among other sites.

It happened to Kim Kardashian

It should be remembered that Paris made the news a few years ago, in 2016, for another criminal act against a celebrity. On that occasion, the victim was Kim Kardashian, who was surprised during Fashion Week in her room in a luxurious Parisian hotel by a group of men who gagged her and took her jewelry at gunpoint. 

“For those who think that only in South American countries they steal… see, in Europe too”; “And it was in Paris, if it is in Cuba they even steal her husband”; “Be careful when you go to Paris, I kept an eye on Christ, I honestly felt a lot of pressure knowing that they were going to rob me. “I didn’t enjoy being in France”; “It's bad that they went through that, for the thief it is an object that they would exchange for money but for the couple, as they say, the sentimental value is incalculable”; and “From what I see, it is common for celebrities to be robbed in Paris, because that's what happened to Kim once,” commented Internet users on Instagram.

In Tomorrowland

It should be remembered that Lele Pons and Guaynaa got engaged in August 2022, after the vocalist gave the ring to his then-girlfriend during his performance at the Tomorroland music festival, held in Belgium.

The jewel of that moment features a large colorless diamond of several carats in an emerald cut, set in a ring with smaller diamonds. The couple did not specify in their publications whether the stolen ring is this one.

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