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Kerly Ruiz revealed that she had problems conceiving

Kerly Ruiz decided to tell on her social networks that she spent two years trying to get pregnant, after facing difficulties conceiving.

As you may remember, Ruiz was married between 2015 and 2017 to marketing specialist Irrael Gómez, who is the father of her daughter Gail. That was the second marriage for the 38-year-old model.

"Be a mother. The greatest blessing and responsibility of my life…. I love telling you part of my story…. Here it goes: I spent almost two years trying to get pregnant; exams, questions, attempts, all of them,” the cheerleader wrote in an Instagram post.

The Venezuelan, who is currently residing in Miami, where she is currently part of the 'Siéntese qué puede' program, highlighted how painful the path of motherhood can be.

“My desire to be a mother led me to check every month with tests to see if I was pregnant and each negative was hard; ovulation applications, books, reports, articles, I looked for them all and read them. Until after treatments, including visiting adoption homes, I gave him to my God and life,” she said.

Likewise, Kerly Ruiz recalled that the good news came when she least expected it, in her dressing room and ready to animate the presentation of Miss Venezuela 2016 to the press.

“I fell asleep while they were doing my makeup. My hunger and the desire to eat everything I found was not normal for me and, in addition, a delay of months in my menstruation which, mind you, was almost normal for me, but I did not question it because, as I told you, it was something normal, and “They took me to visit the doctor,” he said.

“And they believe the big question (from the doctor): 'Kerly, are you looking for a baby?' Because you are three months pregnant.' And Gail was the same in the echo: tremendous, as she makes herself feel. That day, upon listening to her heart and seeing it on the echo screen, I understood the meaning of my life: being a mother,” she said.

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