Juan Miguel: I took advantage of the quarantine

Juan Miguel joins the group of men who call for an end to gender violence. Just as he is capable of writing a heartbreak song like Sayonara, which Jonathan Moly and Jerry Rivera performed, he can also be sensitive to other themes.

Coward is the name of his latest song. The same, along with The film, are part of his new production Kotidiano in which he will collect much of the music he has written during the pandemic and that will not be performed by others.

That doesn't mean that he doesn't continue to compose for colleagues, just that he took this time to do personal work. Also, the quarantine time was used to share with the family.

Besides composing, Juan Miguel has also taken on the task of acting like he is. It is about the Klonado series, which he launched on his social networks, showing himself in times and environments different from those that his followers are used to.

"The quarantine put him to work a little more?"
—I keep creating. I can't stay calm, so I started thinking about the best way to use my time, but I had to think of a way to share and interact with my followers. I had to take advantage of the quarantine.

—But two very dissimilar themes came up. The film, which is about love, and Coward, which is against gender violence.
"Those are the things of creativity." With The Movie, what we wanted was that: to bring the public to live a love story to end up loving themselves. With Will Romero (the director of the video) we thought about evoking images from films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Titanic and from the series La Casa de Papel. I think it was very good and fun, in line with what we were looking for; while Coward is a song for all women who have had a bad time. I also want to tell those who do not report that they are not alone and there will always be someone who wants to help them. Violence against women must end and whoever does so must be severely punished. Will also made the video, but it was done in black and white with the seriousness that the case deserves.

- Are you going to offer another topic before the end of this 2020?
"My idea is to release one every week." Let's see if I have the time. I have plenty of material because only in the pandemic I wrote more than 100 songs. They have already started asking me for other artists, but it's hard for me to get rid of them. I am analyzing which one I keep and which one I give to another of my colleagues. l

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