Juan Carlos Tabío, co-director of "Strawberry and Chocolate" dies in Cuba

He was an important figure in cinematography and the author of works recognized by the public and critics

Cuban filmmaker Juan Carlos Tabío, co-director of the iconic film "Fresa y Chocolate" about the drama faced by homosexuals in the Cuban Revolution, died this Monday in Havana at the age of 77, announced the Cuban Film Institute.

"At dawn on Monday, January 18, the film director Juan Carlos Tabío (1943), an important figure in national cinematography and author of works recognized by the public and critics, died in Havana," said the Cubacine portal, of the Institute (Icaic), without specifying the causes of death.

The website highlighted that Tabío, 2014 National Film Award winner and whose work “is part of the transcendent history of Cuban cinema”, “shared the direction of Fresa y Chocolate (1993) and Guantanamera (1995) with Tomás Gutiérrez Alea (Titón ) ”, Who died in 1996 and is considered the most important of all the island's filmmakers.

Winner of several international awards, "Fresa y Chocolate" uncovered to the world the drama faced by homosexuals in the early years of the Cuban Revolution, with persecution and internment in forced labor camps.

Cubacine stressed that Tabío "will be cremated" and that "in a timely manner the completion of the farewell will be reported to this filmmaker who thought in images and leaves us an important career as a legacy."

The death of Tabío, author of “Se permuta” (1985) and “Plaff” (1998), among other films, succeeds that of the also renowned Cuban filmmaker Enrique Pineda Barnet, director of the emblematic film “La bella del Alhambra” ( 1989), who died on January 12. / AFP