José Luis Rodríguez, the eternal «Puma» who continues to make you sigh

Photo: courtesy IG @elpumaoficial

Mentioning José Luis Rodríguez is talking about the eternal “Puma”, as he is also known. The talented and outstanding Venezuelan singer and actor turns 79 this Friday, January 14, in one of the best moments of his career.

José Luis Rodríguez González was born in 1943 in the Santa Rosalía Parish, in Caracas, and is recognized as one of the most important stars of Latin American music. 

After passing through Los Zeppy, he began his path to great success in 1963 in the Billo's Caracas Boys orchestra. With them he spent five years interpreting the styles of the moment: from mambo to bolero and from tango to cha-cha-chá. At that time, he also ventured into the world of acting.

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