Jackson whistleblowers take a setback

The artist had announced his return to the stage with a mega tour in London. archive

The Angels. A California judge rejected the accusation of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson made by James Safechuck, one of the protagonists of Leaving Neverland.

The US media echoed the ruling of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Mark A Young, who determined that Safechuck cannot sue MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, two companies that once belonged to the ill-fated "king of pop". which the plaintiff pointed out as responsible for the alleged abuses he suffered.

Safechuck starred in Leaving Neverland alongside Wade Robson, whose claim of similar abuse has yet to be rejected. Very controversial and controversial, the HBO documentary collected and detailed the allegations of Safechuck and Robson against Jackson.

The star's heirs have forcefully and repeatedly denied the allegations. In January, Safechuck and Robson won a partial victory over a decision by a California appeals court, which revived their cases for alleged sexual abuse citing new legislation.

However, on January 1, 2020, a new law came into force that extends the limit to 40 years. EFE

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