Ismael Miranda and Chucho Avellanet will celebrate Christmas party

The public, from their homes and with their family, will be able to sing, dance and celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season Photo: Supplied El Nuevo Día

The stars of music, Ismael Miranda and Chucho Avellanet, come together to present a virtual Christmas party and welcome Christmas, the artists reported in a written communication, review El Nuevo Día.

Under the name of “Virtual Embrace Navideño”, the two Puerto Rican interpreters wish to unite all Hispanics in a virtual party on Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving Day), at 8:00 pmThe public, from their homes and with their family, will be able to sing, dance and celebrate the beginning of the Christmas season.

For the event, an orchestra of 12 musicians under the direction of maestro Martín Nieves will accompany these two great glories of the musical staff. As special guests will be the troubadour Victoria Sanabria and the cuatrista Christian Nieves. Among the songs they will perform are: "Old Friend", "Prepare my friend", "This is my Christmas", "When Christmas comes", "Palomita", "To greet you I come", among many others.

“It is not the first time we have joined in a project. But it is the first time we have held a virtual event together. Christmas is a Hispanic tradition. And nothing can rob us of that spirit of celebration. This year, don't miss the party. ”, Says singer Chucho Avellanet in the press release.

“Although we have shared musically on other occasions, this is very special because of the historical moment that we are living. The celebration and the union is what we want to bring virtually that night to every home. ”, Says singer Ismael Miranda.

This is the first virtual concert held by the INTEGIES Innovations company, made up of the production companies Dynia Crespo and Esther Cintrón. It will be broadcast from the Caguas Fine Arts Center and will last approximately two hours.

According to information provided, INTEGIES will use the digital platform of the American company Mandolin, a leader in high-quality specialized tools and solutions in the music and entertainment industry for large-scale events.

“We are being pioneers with our platform, which guarantees excellent sound and image and will prevent transmission from being interrupted by loss or lag of audio or image. It is the first time that this 'streaming' platform will be used in Puerto Rico ”, expressed the producers Esther Cintrón and Dynia Crespo.

A donation of $ 15.00 per connection is required and you can register through a link that will be provided later. In fact, the information highlights that anyone around the world will be able to connect to enjoy the beginning of Christmas with these two internationally renowned artists whose respective careers guarantee the musical quality of this Christmas concert.

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